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January 1, 2013

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The oldest articles aren't the best. Read this to find out where to look.

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Article Status: Complete (for now).

Frankly, the articles I wrote almost a decade ago are a little embarrassing to me. My writing was worse, my ideas less developed, I'd had less experience of the world.

This site started as a study aid while I was starting my psychology studies. Then it became an effort to explain those things to the people who weren't studying what I was studying. Then it became a way of interacting with ideas in the world, synthesising knowledge from across disciplines, and putting them where I and others can find them (as opposed to hidden behind complex language or a paywall).

The upshot is that these older articles are naive to a fault, limited in scope, and sometimes troublingly out of touch with the complexity of the world. I leave them here because they do translate scholarship. But not as well as I'd like.

So, my advice? Check out those curated on the anthologies page. Drawn from my interests as a cognitive scientist, or from the foundational divisions in philosophy, these much better reflect not just the complexity of the world, but also the things that seem to drive us as people.

Happy hunting.

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