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Successful Prophets: I'm starting to suspect that something is missing from our narratives surrounding the influence of cult leaders. This seems like an issue. Full article after the updates.

Four Stages of Competence Experts are not so valuable anymore, it would appear. One wonders why. Psychology is predominently a discipline of heuristics, applied to answer questions or solve problems of behaviour. This particular heuristic describes well the process of learning, as well what kinds of people don't value expertise and why.

On Vygotsky's Zone of Proximal Development. Interestingly, it's a dev psych concept that mirrors the 'magical mentor' stage of the hero's journey. More evidence of myth reflecting the human experience.

Recently updated:

Why incompetent people are unaware of how incompetent they are The more ignorant we are of something, the more likely we are to disregard it and more importantly, the more likely we are to think we're accomplished at it. This is a problem, for obvious reasons.

This week's article selection: Successful Prophets

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