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January 3, 2021


And happy new year.

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Maslow’s hierarchy of needs at is was intended to be interpreted: Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is one of these ideas that’s regularly misapplied both inside and out of academic circles. Which seems ridiculous, because there isn’t much to it. And yet, properly understood, it’s a powerful tool for encouraging personal growth and success.

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Recently updated:

The reason why astrology is so sexy to us.

Modified States of Mind to emphasise more the permission we gain to change our self narrative during some state changes.

The more meaningful origin of the phrase ‘happiness isn’t a destination’.

A simple psychological theory that highlights how little control we really have.

Stereotypes aren’t just a good thing, they’re crucial.

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A bit non-standard and a little bit secret, but I moved another project of mine to the site. Here’s an excerpt:

In many things, humans are no more insightful than the other animals. For all our attempts at prediction, it’s not the weather report that warns us of the approaching thunderstorm, it’s the silence of the birds. People are not special in the way we fall down. We are special only in the way we get up again. Unlike the birds, we can turn to each other and marvel at the squall. If one quality could be said to characterise the human condition, it would be this. Yet there is no doubt that much is wrong with the world. The map of our scars only grows with the passing of time, and the storms are more frequently created by us. There is an old story that is told to explain why.


Goatcounter instance launched for the site for testing against current Google Analytics.

By request, merged changelog and newsletters into rss feed.

Move newsletter from mailchimp to Sendy. Took bloody ages.

Privacy information added to site.

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