On the flaws in the human perspective

September 19, 2022


New articles:

Everything is ideology:

Ideologies are presented to us as distortions of reality—a synonym for ‘false belief’. But they are merely a subjective understanding of the relationship between things. In this sense, all things are ideologies. We can only choose those better or worse.

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Spirituality of Mind:

The secular world replaced the soul with a mind in the brain. Modern science of mind finds no such thing, but a collection of mini-minds which does not stop at the body, but extends into the world. This philosophy presents us a secular spirituality, a god we can all believe in.

Highlights from the Marginalia:

An argument for why intelligent people are less happy: because intelligence does not measure how good you are at solving the poorly defined problems of life

The psychology of killing: “once I began to spend time with people who had killed, I learned that killing is often highly contextual and arises from a specific set factors that are present at that time; which may never occur again”

We don’t have 100 biases: An argument that behavioural economics has fallen into a trap of simply creating a taxonomy of biases rather than an applicable model for thinking about human behaviour


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This week’s article selection: Everything is ideology

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