Newsletter Troubleshooting

Sign up form doesn't work. Embedded sign up forms like mine can play badly with extensions. If you have javascript disabled it definitely won't work because I inject a google recaptcha anti-bot check when you click the email input. if you're having trouble, try turning off extensions, a different browser, or just email me and I'll subscribe you on my end. You can signup here.

No email arrived. Because I send emails via Amazon SES, some smaller private email servers might occasionally block my emails. Private and small corporate servers often have stricter mail rules than big companies like Google or Microsoft (Hotmail) and so are more cautious with services like Amazon SES. As such, you'll want to check your spam box and whitelist my email. Don't forget that you can subscribe to my RSS feeds in the footer of every page if this is all too much hassle.

Also I clean my email list periodically. If I don't, I risk hitting a spamtrap or failing any other of the huge number of regulatory techniques that exist to catch spam. I do this by tracking opens.

If you block tracking, and don't want to be accidentally cleaned, please send me an email and I'll put you in a protected segment. For information about how this data is stored, see privacy (no third parties except the google recaptcha check).

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