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ideologies you choose.




making or becoming better;



rituals of thought, feeling, and action;
the science of ideas;

btrmt. is about the ideologies you choose. The primary role of the brain is to map the predictable structure of the world to predictable patterns of thinking and behaving. These rituals of thought, feeling, and action are protective—graceful solutions to an impossibly complex world. Yet, they leave us only half awake; following patterns laid for us, not by us. btrmt. collects my attempts to explore them, so we can choose instead.
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Analects are a collection of ideas, extracts, or teachings. These are my analects. With a background in brain science and the sciences of mind, I explore how ideas become ideologies become action, for better or worse. Here, you'll find links to all the content I produce for any of the btrmt projects.

The Armchair Collective


The Armchair Collective is the membership community of btrmt. You see, humans, of all the animals, have the greatest capacity for nurture. Our capacity to thrive is due to our ability to adapt, and our ability to adapt is merely a reflection of our ability to come together and share ideas. The Armchair Collective is a place to do just that.