an institute of betterment.

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making or becoming better;


verb, noun

a facility or habit to build, create, raise, or educate;

The concept of betterment has preoccupied every major philosophic and spiritual tradition as the path to eudaemonia—wellbeing of the highest order. Dharma, Arete, Virtue... All coalesce on a core of achievement and excellence, but within boundaries of morality. Any fact about morality reduces to a question of wellbeing—of ourselves and of others. Such questions can only be explored in the context of the mind in the loosest sense—the capacity to feel, think, and act. This is what btrmt offers. An institute of betterment, with the mind as a model.


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Project Petrichor


Humans, of all the animals, have the greatest capacity for nurture. Our capacity to thrive is due to our ability to adapt, and our ability to adapt is merely a reflection of our ability to come together and share ideas. And yet, as James we are often “half awake. Our fires are damped, our rafts are checked… the human individual lives usually far within his limits”. Project Petrichor is the institute's manifesto for why, and how, like petrichor, we can rise again after the rain.

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The Armchair Collective


The word ideology is drenched with dark meaning. And yet, on close inspection, we find that we are, each of us, saturated with them. These are protective—graceful solutions to an impossibly complex world. Yet, remarkably dangerous left unexamined. Ideologies should be chosen, not ignored. The Armchair Collective is about ideologies you choose.

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Neurotypica: a Guide


Usually, when people talk about an enthusiasm for 'neuroscience' and the 'brain', they're really interested in cognition—how 'thinking' happens. People want the instruction manual for this device in the head that they've been told controls their behaviour. Neurotypica is that manual---a guide to brain and behaviour.