On Cynosure

by Dorian Minors

March 28, 2021

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To me, our cynosure should include three things: betterment, gratification, and connection


There are two important aspects of any good credenda. One is a focus, something to guide us: our cynosure.

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To me, our cynosure should include three things. Of course, betterment is most obvious. We should seek to better ourselves, and our position in the world. Less obvious is the gratification that should follow. Positive states and pleasure are a function of our self-renewal, and no effort at betterment can be complete without them. But perhaps most importantly, we should seek connection. Meaning is derived not from the doing of things, but from the doing of things for something greater than ourselves. Loved ones, gods, people, or the planet, filtering our betterment and gratification through our connection to something more makes the whole thing come together.

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