Why goals are a bit shit, and so are politics

June 18, 2020


New articles:

The absurd artificial divide that’s making money off racism

If you’d believe the slew of recent posts, it’s so difficult to ‘work ourselves up’ to talk to ‘the other side’ about issues of structural racism that we need to be carefully educated on how to do it. But that these articles have to be so careful in their messaging irks me. That we have to pander at all to notions of ‘crossing political divides’ and ‘engaging in dialogue with each other’ on issues so clear cut as this one is frustrating in the extreme. Because they aren’t really real.

We’re setting goals wrong. We’re missing the point. And it’s troubling.

I bet you’ve heard of S.M.A.R.T goals. If you haven’t you should, and luckily enough I’m going to tell you about it here. But this article isn’t about S.M.A.R.T goals. It’s about what’s underneath. It’s about how we consistently miss the point of goals in our quest for success. It’s about how that’s toxic. And mostly, it’s about celebrating ourselves a little more, because that’s more important than we seem to want it to be.

Updated articles:

What lies beneath? The uncomfortably vague ‘unconscious processes’.

The least endearing parts of ourselves are often ascribed to ‘unconscious processes’. But these processes are typically very poorly defined. With anything so poorly defined, when we turn to face it, we are stymied; we don’t know what we’re up against. Here, we try to get a better idea.

The four most common causes of conflict in relationships

There are times when you want to ‘manage’ conflicts in relationships. These are not those times. In this article are the four most common causes of conflict in families, friendships and romances and how you can avoid them.

You’re studying wrong; encoding specificity

Memories are a fickle thing. They get distorted, or lost. But there is a simple trick to strengthen your memories, and it all comes down to how you try and recall.

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