On predicting human behaviour and profiling cult leaders

September 15, 2020


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The predictability of humans

The notion that humans are unpredictable is a common refrain. But it’s not true. Humans are not unpredictable, so much as they are unpredictably predictable. This is because we fail to take into account one fundamental thing.

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Large extension to Successful Prophets.

The (misleading) profile of a cult leader.

Folie à deux.

Folie à deux is a striking phenomenon, but poorly understood. It seems to me that its striking nature distracts us from something that’s far more common, and far easier to understand.

Creating a digital home for our digital selves

Our digital lives are as much an entity as our physical lives. Maybe moreso—many of us spend more time online than off. Yet we take very little care of our digital selves. We’re going to fix that. Simply. Because it causes us more stress than it needs to.

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What our reasons for having sex tell us about sexuality

OCD for dummies

Gottman’s couple typology, and his rule for relatioship stability

How priming effects leave us open to manipulation

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An interesting perspective on the Book of Revelations.

Are sunk costs fallacies?

I don’t actually really understand what this is but it’s amazing


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This week’s article selection: The predictability of humans

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