Hydraulic despots and collapsing communities

October 1, 2020


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The True Meaning of Familiy Ties: It’s no secret that we are lonelier than ever. We have many complaints of modern society, but our growing isolation is a common one. There are two reasons for this unhappy accident—the difficulty of finding people in ever more crowded cities, and the fact that we have lost sight of what a community is really made of. This article is about the latter.

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The Loneliness Epidemic: One in five people are lonely. This is not trivial. Loneliness is emerging as one of the greatest threats to physical and emotional health. And it shouldn’t be, because unlike many of our most intractable problems, this one seems so solvable.

Things to be worried about—hydraulic despotism: If you control the water, you control the people. A precept governing much of history. But today, the water takes many forms—energy, electricity, social media. There are many vectors for control, but we don’t need to hand them over.

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